Thursday, 2 April 2009

Some political views - I hate the 'Sena's'.

I know its a biker blog but I could not help but express my views about politics as India goes to elections. 

India, a rising economy whose strength lies in vast human capital, diversity (and unity within it), educational institutions and entrepreneurial spirits of Indians. However some forces are trying to destroy two of these factors: human capital and unity of diversity. These forces are the so called 'Moral Police', 'Community protectors' and all that BS. I am talking about all the so called 'Sena's': 
'Shiv Sena', 'Manav Nirman Seva', 'Ram Sen' etc. 

Yes I hate them I hate them from my guts. They are a terrorist organisation. They harm the country more than any other terrorist organisation because they live within us. They travel in buses and trains with us and one say they start beating us because either we are not from the state or some community or because some of us are women. First India was divided because of religion then political parties for their vote bank tried to divide us based on caste and then now MNS and the #$@#$@#$ Raj Thackarey are trying to divide based on states and another #%#%# muthalik based on gender. Now Shiv Sena is trying to make sure that a terrorist friend of their's - Kasab does not get a trial and are doing unconstitutional things. The reason they attacked Lawyer Anjali Waghmare is because they want the terrorist to go scot free. I am sure they know (atleast their good for nothing chief Bal Thackarey knows) that if Kasab does not get a trial he can not be convicted and its constitutionally correct to provide him with a Lawyer. Where were these so called 'sainiks' when Mumbai was being attacked? Why did they not form an army and fight the terrorist? Because they were hand in glove with them. Am i accusing Bal Thackarey to be a terrorist? Yes I am. He should be probed and I am sure he can be linked to come terrorist organisation. 

Then there is that rascal called Raj an his own terrorist organisation called MNS. He is trying to divide the country based on states. Who gave him the right to beat up innocent students just because they were from Bihar? Isn't that act an act of terrorism? 

Lets not talk about Muthalik. Enough has already been said about him. He will be busy counting the pink chaddis he received.

My biggest agony is that these terrorists are not arrested and kept in jails forget about giving them a death penalty which they so very much deserve. They cause damage to Indian Constitution everyday. 

Please do not vote for any of them. Lets not give power to the terrorists.    

Please forward the link to my blog to Bal Thackarey and his terrorists, Raj and his team of numb skulls. I want them to read this.