Saturday, 11 July 2009

Being an Uncle

Through my blog - which a lot of people do not read, I have shown my love for motorcycles, my love for travelling and my love for being unemployed and hatred for some politicians. 

I am now going to share something which is very close to my heart at the moment - Being a Chacha! Yes, my niece who is now 1 year and 4 months old is a total darling. 

Born on February 18th 2008, I met her on 27th December 2008. She was 8 months old. She did cry when she first saw me. 

We got along well soon afterwords. After all I was her coolest uncle! 

I was soon changing diapers, was feeding her cerelac and milk, taking her for drives and spoiling her. 

Whenever I was in Delhi the foremost reason for me to go to Rae Bareli was to see her. Soon she started walking. If a kid does not walk, everyone is worried - "Kab chalegi yeh isse 3 mahiney choti ladki chalne lagi hai!"! "When will she start walking?". Then one day she takes her first step. There is joy all around. Phone calls are made, everyone is informed of the feat and one rests! 

She walks a lot. Its very hard to keep in fixed on the chair or anywhere for that matter. She would go to Kitchen, go to the study, try to find me in my room or just walk. No she does not walk, she runs everywhere she goes. She does not run to win races or medals, she just runs -  just like Forrest Gump! So trust me, if you have a baby in the household (especially if she is your niece/ nephew) you do nto want them to be walking very soon! Becos everytime she runs off somewhere, I hear Bhabhi's voice -  "Dhairya, just see where Aadya is going". And I have to go away from the TV just to miss Roger Federer make than record breaking championship point shot! 

But its pure joy. The innocence in her eyes, that cute smile and the sweet voice can melt the toughest people on earth. She has this habit of ringing the cordless from the base and then handing over to you pretending someone is calling. I was taken for a ride by a 18 month old! 

Being an uncle is great. I love it.