Friday, 27 July 2007

Rafting Trip to Rishikesh

Rishikesh - Land of God!
The winters have started setting in. So has the urge to hit he hills. At xBhp if any season goes away without having taken the curves around the Himalayas, it would be disappointing. We decided not to go too far from Delhi considering we only had a two day weekend. To add flavor to the ride on the road, we decided to hit the waters as well. Not the ordinary calm swimming pool but he raging waters of the ganges. Dates decided: 22nd and 23rd October. Myself, Mr. CEO, Aditya and Vivek decided to go to Rishikesh and test the waters. Meeting point set was the Yamaha 1 showroom at 5:40 A.M. I reached the spot on time. No sign of anyone else. Some of the people passing the place were looking at me as if I was a brand ambassador or something for Yamaha since I was there in front of the showroom and was wearing my Yamaha labeled jacket. Only thing I could do was look at the beauties again and again. Anyways, Mr. CEO and Maverick arrived a full 1 hour late. We proceeded to meet Vivek whom we met at Mayur Vihar crossing. The journey started. On the very first curve, Vivek leaned the bike enough to generate sparks……..We took our breakfast stop at ‘Cheetal’. After having a hearty breakfast, we started ripping again. The only disadvantage of going to uttranchal are the bad roads in UP. The traffic was very erratic with sunny showing finger to almost every second guy. We reached Rishikesh by noon. It was late to do rafting that day so we decided to explore……Rode uptill the ‘chotiwala’ (which is very evident in the pictures posted), had lunch, arm wrestling (don’t ask the result from sunny), and lots of bonding. We then did a bit of off-roading and went upto the river. Did some photography and then proceeded to our camp which was situated 4 kms. Before shivpuri. The real hills start from rishikesh itself. So the ride upto the camp was most enjoyable in the lush green mountains and good roads. Vivek was great on the curves, he was riding the bike with utmost precision and taking the curves at optimum speeds, it was a learning experience for a first time hill rider like me……We over shot the camp and reached shivpuri. Again did some off-roading and went upto the river. It was great…The river was calm there, we had a full view of the mountains and there were babes…;-) There was sort of a sound coming from Vivek’s zma. The engine was not very smooth. We investigated, opened the filter thinking the filter might have come off when the bike fell….Actually when we had gone off-roading previously, his bike just skidded on the rock (at dead speed), no injury or anything just a little dent…..The filter was fine, although we noticed a bit of petrol there (can anyone tell why petrol came in to the air intake duct after filter????) The culprit was the silencer which got loose in the fall…Two nuts tightened and we were ready to go…..Reached our camp….had bonfire, stories, philosophy, photography (wid sunny and maverick wat do u expect)……….We went to our tents situated right next to the river…I had an amazing sleep with wonderful sound of flowing water outside….The morning was spent clicking some riding photos on the bikes….We went upto ‘Marine Drive’, the place from where the rafting starts in bus. Vivek, the most mature and the most adventurous of us wanted to ride on the roof of the bus which they refused. The rafting was great. The water was just right for rapids…If there is too much water, the rapids get very smooth, if the water is too low, they are too rough for comfort….In the first rapid we hit, Vivek fell into the water but his spirit was never wet, he was enjoying that also. Pulled him back into the raft and went on. Then it was time for ‘body surfing’. We jumped into the rough waters and floated on the waves. It was mind blowing. I realized one thing though that riding rough waters needs more skill and courage than to ride a superbike. Wonder what it means? Ask Sunny.Further down, we jumped from a cliff into the waters…….We’ll if you really wanna ask the experience…call Mr. CEO….. ;-) After finishing the rafting, went to the camp in a ‘Tata mobile’….Only Vivek sat in the cabin and the three of us at the back in the ‘diggy’ or the boot. It was looking like we were ‘Tsunami Victims’ and being rescued into a ‘refugee camp’…….Myself and Vivek decided to ride back the same day since we had office the next day. Sunny and maverick stayed at a friend’s place in Meerut. The UP roads get really bad at night. No one gives a ‘diper’ the roads are bad and the traffic is slow like a sloth.Reached back Delhi at 2300 hrs……Overall it was very enjoyable. Lots of riding, rowing, swimming and general masti. It was my best rafting experience till now.So Ladies and Gentle man, boys and girls…the next time you want to have a great weekend, try rafting.


I have uploaded the pics at an other location. THe pictures will be uploaded on this site soon.

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