Friday, 26 October 2007

Lukan Environmental Consultants, LLP

It is funny that when a person arrives at a new place, he/she sometimes forgets the very passion that brought him/her there. It happens with me. When I went to DCE, the passion which took me there were computers. I wanted to be a succefful computer engineer and work in organisations like ISRO and DRDO. Once there, I did not do too well to make it into these pretigious institutiions because along the way I lost my vision, I also forgot what I felt as a programmer. I went into an abyss. For people college is the best time of their lives, for me they were the worst. I was lost in that place. It was not that the college was bad or anything, it was one of the best engineering colleges in India. I was somehow a misfit. I lost my vision which I came with but graduated with a different vision to be an entrepreneur.
When I came to Babson, I wanted to be an entrepreneur. The first year was very busy, I had little money and I got too intangled in the great experiences Babson had to offer and my vision for being an entrepreneur was dwindling. I love the place though. I have met some of the smartes, most visionary people I have ever known at this place. But somehow I was getting intangled in the web of classes and cases and parties. Then the Rocket Pitch 2007 invitation came. I firt ignored it but then when the final call for pitches came, this was the time I realised I had to buckle up, I had to take control, plan my time better and start my own company. I shot an email to my new friend Nakul (its funny how crazy people always find each other) that we hav to do this. Its time to change the world. So Lukan Environmental was formed.
Its a passion to do good not just for ourselves but do our 'half-cent' for the environment. In fact even we we are able to do 'half-cent' it would be great becasue then we need onle 200 people to do that and we will haev a perfect environment. Sounds too ambitious? It is. "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars".
What is the company about? We are putting up our website up soon. Please wait and watch.

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