Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ownership Experience Pulsar 220 DTsi

I bought my bike on July 20th 2009 and so far completed more than 7,500 Kms. I will keep updating this blog with how the bike is performing as a long term bike. Let me start with my riding experience of the bike.
First Ride: It was the first time I was riding the DTSi on the road - the only experience being on the Dyno. The bike is comfortable. The seat is padded well and wide so if you position yourself well, the ride is pretty comfy. I had to ride through thick traffic and its not the best bike in Indian market for ride congested traffic. But then the long hours are made comfortable because of comfy Saddle. However the bike was stalling a bit. I think 6 months of non-riding and before that I had been riding on open roads of US so I thought it was just me. Later, my opinion would change. Do not have more to say as the ride was short and in traffic.

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