Wednesday, 22 September 2010

CWG 2010 Delhi - Why it is a failure?

It pains to see that India is not yet ready to host CWG. We hosted Asiad in 1982 with great fanfare and no problems. However as the country progressed, out ability to hold world class sporting event went down. Why? So much more money was spent. Indians on an average are far more educated and prosperous. We have much improved overall infrastructure. Then why did this happen. The core problem is this: our moral standards have gone down. Look at that assholes (yes, I reserve the right to use that word against such a person) Lalit Bhanot and Suresh Kalmadi. I am sure that they has made a lot of money in all this. Let us say they have not. Even then, have they done their work? NO! Have they taken responsibility of the work? NO. Are they concerned if something fails? NO! They give a damn. They instead say that "we have different hygiene standards". What does he mean? We sleep on beds where dogs shit? We have dirty toilets on a regular basis? I say send some dogs across to his house and make them shit on his sofa which he bought with CWG money.

They have made their money and that is all they care for. The problem is, they still move around in their high strung society without any social boycott. I mean people would tell him - 'Sir, great job! you must have made a lot of money. you made fool of the whole country' and they would all laugh sipping their Blue Labels bought with 'our' money meant for CWG. Their kids move around the society wearing designer labels bought with black money and they would be appreciated for it. Their price in dowry market would go up for all the money his dad has made from unfair means. I call for total social boycott of corrupt people. Disown them!

I will be back with more rant!

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